Artists & Artisans Awake! Creativity & the Global Harvest


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Visual artist, mentor and first-time author Bhari Long, launched her long-awaited book entitled “ARTISTS & ARTISANS AWAKE! Creativity & the Global Harvest,” Saturday 2nd May 2015. The book is thought to be the very first of its kind on this subject in the UK, and is aimed at Christians who have creative gifts of all kinds ranging from painting to poetry, dance to drama, singing to sculpting, rapping to writing, and from leading worship to weaving.

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This product is currently out of stock with us, but you canpurchase a copy on

Since 2005, Bhari Long and her husband James have ministered at Christian conferences and events attended by small groups or thousands, across the UK, in US, Scandinavia and Europe, painting as their act of worship and intercession. Bhari says “Prophetic art is all about expressing the heart of God and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.” Often the visual themes they paint during a conference are identical to the word preached, or may illustrate a hymn or worship song that is sung. Sometimes their pictures confirm something very specific for one person there.

In fact, Heidi Baker of Iris Global discovered God had given Bhari the very same vision that birthed her own ministry to orphans and street children in Mozambique: Bhari had actually painted it! Heidi saw the painting in the window of a bookshop as she walked past – and was astonished to see the exact same image! It came at a crucial time and was really encouraging for Heidi.

In 2008, Bhari felt she was commissioned by God to write the book when three people on both sides of the Atlantic confirmed it whilst praying for her! She says “Writing this book has been like sounding a 999 “wake-up” call for Christians to use their God-given creative gifts to glorify God, for His plans and purposes. It feels as if God is calling artists and artisans worldwide to redeem the Arts, restore the Arts to the Church and get ready for the global harvest.” She adds “I believe we’re on the cusp of a Renaissance in the Body of Christ that will celebrate beauty, truth and excellence. It will reveal the truth of God to a searching generation and restore hope to the hopeless.”

Theresa Dedmon is US Bethel Church Creative Arts Director and she comments “Bhari Long’s book discusses a topic that is at the forefront of where we will see Christians begin to emerge: discovering the significance of how creativity relates to God and our culture.”

The book is based on biblical teaching about prophetic gifts and explores the role of artisans in the Bible, encouraging those with creative talents to use them purposefully today. It is aimed at every creative soul, including those who may have felt little understood, undervalued or perhaps even marginalised by the Church, or had their artistic gifts dismissed as a child. Bhari’s goal is to inspire and encourage, and bring renewed hope to those who have almost given up on a lifelong dream or ambition to serve God wholeheartedly with every ounce of their being, using their God-given talents and abilities. Bhari is passionate about helping people realise their full creative potential; come into alignment with their calling and destiny and passing the baton on to train up prophetic artists, trainers and mentors.

The book launch was also a celebration of the creative arts for God’s glory. Bhari read passages and poems from her new book and singer/songwriter/producer Rachel Jane, sang tracks from her new EP, “Back of the Wind” also launched in May 2015. Rachel Jane is their daughter. Aged just 12, she was invited to sing in the backing group for a US worship team at a Christian conference broadcast globally on GOD TV. Rachel is also a Worship Leader for Joshua Generation at Bath City Church, Bath, UK.