Prophetic Art

James and Bhari Long are prophetic artists and mentors, raising sons and daughters, equipping and releasing them into their creative callings and destinies. Pioneers of prophetic art in the UK and overseas since 2004, they paint at Christian Conferences and events and hold Exhibitions, Workshops and the Olive Grove Gatherings for the Creative Arts Sphere.

The Vision

Global culture transformed by God’s army of artists and artisans in partnership with the Holy Spirit worldwide.

The Mission

The mission is to call forth, equip, empower and raise up God’s army of artists and artisans to restore the arts to the Church; to usher in the coming Renaissance; to take back the ‘Mountain of the Arts and Entertainment’ and to bring in the global harvest, by partnering with the Holy Spirit worldwide.

Commissions undertaken

If you have a picture or vision you would like painted or if something here inspires you to commission an original painting please contact us.

Latest news

for Prophetic Arts Leaders

Thursday 2nd to Friday 3rd November.

This Prophetic Arts Leaders Gathering is for prophetic artists who lead or facilitate prophetic arts groups, worship and creative arts groups, creative groups - whether at church, in the local community, regionally, internationally and interdenominationally. Come to worship the Lord together creatively, seek His face and wait on Him, pray and share together, encourage one another and learn from each other. Then in turn bless the artists and artisans you minister to and work alongside.

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“UK Author Sounds Wake Up Call for Christian Artists”

Visual artist, mentor and first-time author Bhari Long, launched her long-awaited book entitled “ARTISTS & ARTISANS AWAKE! Creativity & the Global Harvest,” Saturday 2nd May 2015. The book is thought to be the very first of its kind on this subject in the UK, and is aimed at Christians who have creative gifts of all kinds ranging from painting to poetry, dance to drama, singing to sculpting, rapping to writing, and from leading worship to weaving. It is available via this website, price £9.99 (Kindle version £4.79).
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